Client Experiences

From $40k/month to $300k/month in 6 months

Luke Voigt

one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.

Eddie Cheng

Victor is a dynamic game-changer! He is/was the very first coach I ever had & even though I had doubts in myself, my purpose and was struggling finding clarity, Victor was there as a guide, a sounding board & ultimately the expert that helped me extract it and design my blueprint! And as soon as we found it, we started building & we're still building now after 5+ years Thank you Victor for your impact & contribution to my life and ultimately the life I was able to build for my family Love you brother! I just wanted to drop in for a second & express my gratitude and potentially hope that this might help someone else get past the fear of the unknown and step into who they were really meant to be

- Sam Quilici

I absolutely LOVED working with Victor. At first, I had no idea what coaching was about, or even if it was for me but after a couple of sessions I was blown away by the results. He helped me get through many mental blocks I had and was a source of information and tools for both my professional and personal life. Thank you Victor! I

encourage anyone who is looking to reaching that next level in life and career to work with you!


Working with Victor has enabled me to dive a lot deeper and get to the root of my decisions in a very short amount of time. As a result I was able to reduce my work day from 8-10 hours down to 2-4 hours. This allowed me to reclaim my weekends, mornings, and evenings! My income has jumped dramatically! In 12 months my team and I were able to do over $500k in acquisitions.really meant to be


Added Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To Our Top Line

- Mike Barnhill

Victors Approach Really Leveraged My Imagination


Before working with Victor, I had the desire to improve and change my life, but I didn't have the organization nor the long term motivation to stick with it. It was part of my personality to start something and abandon it when it got tough, or to just drop things. And that was in every area of my life. Initially, I had reservations about working with a coach. I balked at the stigma surrounding the idea of hiring a coach, and paying for it. But since I started working with him, EVERYTHING has changed. I'm always reminded of that old adage, "If you want something you've never had, you have to be willing to do things you've never done," and working with Victor has opened me up to all new possibilities in what I can do, have, and be. In the 3 years we worked together, he continuously helped me to accomplish things I never thought possible. I wanted not only success, but also fulfillment, and Victor's coaching repeatedly helped me to achieve both.

- Shaun Martin

Taking the leap to make a financial investment in my personal development by enlisting a coach has been one of the best decisions of my life. Victor has helped me break through limiting beliefs, strengthened my personal relationships and developed strategies and resources that have fueled growth in several categories of my life. He's available for his clients, is trustworthy, serves them at a high level, but most of all, holds them accountable. Thank you Victor!


I had accomplished so much in my personal and professional life up to that point, but was still struggling with a deep-rooted and painful issue in my personal life. After experiencing an emotional breakdown in October 2019, I finally made the decision to hire my own life coach and signed on to the Zen Stoic 1:1 coaching Since working with Victor I have: -Shifted my thinking and found healing in my inner-feminine struggles -Learned to manage my reactions and expectations of those around me -Learned to be more accepting and less judgmental of myself and those in my life -Increased the success rate of my own coaching business -Opened up a NEW area of my coaching offers and it's taken off quickly -Have become a better coach myself, through his teachings If you're looking for a life coach that will impact both your life and your business, I highly recommend Victor and the Zen Stoic platform. You can thank me later.

- Michelle Gomez

It Allowed Me To Return Back To The Roots Of Who I Am


I Can’t Thank Him Enough For Everything He’s Done In My Life


Victor is a true coach’s coach. He knows the ins-and-outs of cutting through BS and procuring results for his clients. He has helped me personally reach new heights within my own coaching business, and has unlocked new perspectives and thought-processes which have allowed me thrive both personally and in my career. I highly recommend Victor in any capacity where you need results.

- Scott Morris

Victor is an amazing business coach and guide source. I was very hesitant to hire a coach as I never really believed in that sort of thing. Yet, with Victor's help, I was able to make the mental, emotional, and physical leap from my corporate day job to a full time real estate investor and realtor. He helped me with everything from psychology of success to time management to sales, and I cannot say enough positive things about my journey with him. As I bluntly told him, he took me from a shy, science nerd working a 9-5 job to a full-time business and sales professional. Anyone, and I mean anyone, that is currently in business (or even working a corporate job and wants to kick ass even more) needs to talk to him. Like a pro athlete, we all need someone who can stand the sidelines and assess our performance from a different angle, and for me Victor was the perfect coach. If you have any questions about it, reach out to me and I will gladly speak to you!

- Lior Rozhansky

I was Victor's client for two years, I highly recommend and encourage anyone to coach with him. I changed my life completely. My love life, fitness and professional life grew exponentially. Victor created the space I need and the guidance required. He is an AMAZING coach and a beautiful human being!

- Alexandra Cabane

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©2024 Zen Stoic. All rights reserved.