Unshakeable Inner Peace For Impact Focused Leaders In 90 Days Or Less

Disclaimer: this experience isn’t for everyone. It’s for those who seek to create change on a large scale, and aren’t willing to sacrifice their wellbeing in the process.

This experience has a 93% success rate with those who trust themselves and the process.

You’re here because you
achieve the unthinkable.

Over time, though, all of that responsibility can start to take a toll.

You want to be able to take on the boldest endeavors WHILE feeling deeply at peace within yourself.

You’re in the exact right place to make that happen.

Prepare to create change so fundamental that you won’t even be able to access the thoughts, feelings, and habits that kept you trapped before.

And prepare to do it quickly.

90 Days.

A lifetime of change


You've been on an endless pursuit to consistently perform at a high level, yet you've struggled to maintain your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

You've come to the right place...

Do you ever feel like no matter how much you achieve in life, that it still never "feels" like enough?

You created the business you once dreamed would set you free, yet still find yourself feeling trapped.

Despite reaching that multiple six figure or even seven figure mark, it all seems to just miss that feeling of “getting there.”


Have you ever noticed that no matter how much “good karma” you put out into the world, the universe just continues to throw you more and more painful lessons, one after another, without warning or end in sight?

It seems the more effort you put into trying to experience inner peace, the more you notice the never ending noise in the back of your mind.

Added Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To Our Top Line

- Mike Barnhill

Victors Approach Really Leveraged My Imagination


Although you may try to push on, ignoring the effects of self-sabotage, burnout, and feeling restricted

by limiting beliefs…

Your business can’t hide the symptoms.

Obstacles lurking around every corner.

Team members that are busy but not productive.

No refinement for continuous improvement.

The list goes on.

But before you go blaming yourself for all this - what if I told you that it isn’t your fault?

What if I told you the reason you seem unable to change your financial situation, enjoy your work, or make a real impact in the world…

…is because you’ve been unable to pay off the DEBT hovering over you.

No, not a financial debt.

Something infinitely more destructive…

We Need To Talk About Emotional Debt…

In 2 Days, I Walked Away With Such Massive Conscious Realizations…


Here’s what you need to know:

The subconscious root of all sabotage, burnout, and feeling stuck is the accumulation of what is called
emotional debt.

It’s all those unresolved negative emotions, limiting beliefs, inner conflicts, and even unprocessed trauma that have stopped you from getting what you want.

And emotional debt, just like financial debt, charges a HEAVY interest rate.

Years of bypassing negative experiences without processing them will sabotage even the most level-headed human…

For years or even decades, you’ve been slowly turning into a pressure cooker.

If you’ve ever wondered why you’ve been seemingly unable to control emotional outbursts, avoid bad decisions and unnecessary arguments, or stop procrastinating…

It’s because of emotional debt.

And the painful irony behind emotional debt is that it’s not something that’s eventually ‘wiped clean…’

Most Of Us NEVER Acquire The Tools We Need To Process It…

Of course, there are many forms of therapy and healing out there that can help release some of that pressure - allowing people to feel better temporarily…

But they create reprieve rather than resolution.

You’ve only ever experienced that temporary release, but you’ve probably spent years telling yourself things are getting better.

Unfortunately, we tend to view healing on a scale of time - we equate the effectiveness of healing over a timeframe.

For example:

I’ve been in therapy for 30 years…

But if the problem itself hasn’t been fixed, that’s the equivalent of celebrating putting 30 years of band-aids over a wound that has never healed.

Thankfully, there IS a way to not only find relief from your emotional debt but pay it off COMPLETELY in the shortest possible time frame…

What would it feel like if you were able to fully enjoy and savor the fruits of your labor in a lasting way, without feeling empty shortly after achieving your goals?

What if you could ACTUALLY create Unshakeable Inner Peace, instead of being chased by the persistent whispers of anxiety, chronic pain, or compulsive thoughts?

You DO NOT have to continue tolerating
this. You can CHOOSE to be free instead.

There is a path to where you could conquer your goals without sacrificing your well being, while also enjoying the things that matter most–like spending time with people you love, and pursuing your interests without guilt.

It is called,

The Liberation Experience.

The Liberation Experience will guide you along the path of UNSHAKEABLE INNER PEACE

You’ll be ready to conquer any challenge life throws your way— while being peacefully present in each moment.

What is the Liberation Experience?

The Liberation Experience is a systematic process proven to release emotional debt and create unshakeable inner peace.

The process was developed through modern blending of timeless wisdom inspired from centuries of Zen Buddhism, Stoic philosophies, Hermeticism, and Jungian Psychology…that leverage cutting edge, behavioral and performance techniques to create rapid, lasting transformation.

Our methodology facilitates you to achieve the unthinkable while maintaining a strong sense of internal well being. We refer to this as, living with Unshakeable Inner Peace.

It begins with dissolving the emotional debt that is adding tension to your life and work, and rewire your internal operating system.

This experience will arm you with the mental & emotional tools to navigate the uncertainties of life with a smile on your face, joy in your heart, and strength in your mind.

Victor Is A True Coach’s Coach

“Victor is a true coach’s coach. He knows the ins-and-outs of cutting through BS and procuring results for his clients. He has helped me personally reach new heights within my own coaching business, and has unlocked new perspectives and thought-processes which have allowed me thrive both personally and in my career. I highly recommend Victor in any capacity where you need results”


The results you can

look forward to following
the Liberation Experience:

  • Walk the path of your highest contribution so you genuinely feel fulfilled on a daily basis.

  • Expand your reach and deepen your impact in the world by living on purpose.

  • Increase your earning potential and ability to create a truly rich life.

  • Tap into total abundance in health, wealth, and relationships.

  • Make decisions with precision and confidence, without wavering.

  • Have time to relax or pursue your creative gifts or hobbies...guilt-free.

  • Be fully present with the ones you love, resulting in a consistently growing richness in your relationships.

  • Mending relationships that once seemed like a lost cause OR being at complete peace with relationships that have ended or with people who have passed away.

  • Being relieved from carrying around a lifetime of regret or guilt with experiences or memories you can't seem to shake.

  • Relief from chronic pain, nightmares, compulsive thoughts, anxiety, stress.

  • Unshakeable inner peace, and forever having a system of thinking/emotional processing that leaves you prepared to take on life's inevitable battles and storms without crumbling.

  • Being able to smile genuinely in the face of chaos, knowing you’ll not only be okay, but that you’ll always come out on the other side, happier and stronger.

Most self-help teaches people to build their ego by doing MORE...

But this only amplifies the noise inside of their minds, causing more chaos and confusion.

This is different. This is addition to the quality of your life through subtraction; subtraction of what is not in alignment. It is a process of shedding everything that isn't you, so that you live free as your authentic self.

We are going to zero in on what’s most meaningful to YOU…

so you can create an intentional, authentic life that’s rich with satisfaction.

We will eliminate what holds
you back by getting to and
removing the root of:

Any unprocessed negative emotions or memories that don't seem to go away

Any self limiting stories or negative self talk that replay in your mind

Any and all negative self talk

Imposter syndrome

Procrastination and distraction

Self doubt

Self sabotage and disempowering habits

Inner conflicts

Misaligned or outdated values

What will you become capable of, when you break free of the prison of your mind?

Discover the answers during
your Liberation Experience.

How It Works

Feature Headline

You'll be armed with a system for total self trust so that you can make effective decisions at any moment, no matter the situation.

Feature Headline

You'll have a unique roadmap to understand at a deep level what makes you tick so that you can effortlessly energize yourself towards your desired results along with a customized daily practical strategy that prioritizes your most meaningful habits towards your success.

Feature Headline

We then take a deep dive and create alignment at the unconscious level through the 2-Day Liberation Session.

The following is covered through the session:

  • Releasing the most significant unpleasant emotions you’ve been holding onto your whole life.

  • Releasing any major unconscious blind spots that are creating self sabotage and undesirable results.

  • Resolving inner conflict and fragmentation of your psyche for the purpose of becoming a bulletproof decision maker.

  • Dissolving decades of chronic pain within hours.

  • Dissolving fears to make you anxiety proof.

  • Resolving external conflicts with people in your life without having to actually talk to them.

  • Realigning your value set on an unconscious level to make it effortless to move in the direction of your greatest joy and highest contribution.

  • Laying out an executable plan to support the evolution of your liberated self.

The wisdom you obtain is completely your own. We DO NOT install any specific beliefs or ways of being that you need to consider adopting.

We use a meditative, active imagination process paired with a laser focused yet comforting dialogue. This creates a space that fully embraces your unique visual symbology, somatic sensations, and outlook on life.

We reach a place in the mind that we could never get to through conversation alone.

We create direct experience with your imagination.

Our experience brings clients into an altered state of consciousness without the use of any substances, plant medicine, or hypnosis whatsoever, thus you will leave empowered to be able to recreate this state on your own at will.

Feature Headline

We then take a deep dive and create alignment at the unconscious level through the 2-Day Liberation Session.

Your coach will be in your corner the whole time holding your accountable to living at a higher standard so that you not only achieve your desired results, but also feel genuinely fulfilled through the process.

The answers are within you, and
my role is to help you find them.

This experience isn’t for the feint of heart. You’ll face your demons, conquer them, and emerge as the best version of yourself, beyond what you could have ever imagined!

What you do next is your choice.

What to do next:

  1. Go through the application process

  2. Book a call

  3. Liberate yourself

  4. Take inspired action through the integration period

  5. Live with unshakeable inner peace

It Allowed Me To Return Back To The Roots Of Who I Am


I Can’t Thank Him Enough For Everything He’s Done In My Life


What’s stopping you?

“The impediment to action advances action. What
stands in the way becomes the way.”

Marcus Aurelius

How does this process have a 93% success rate in such a short time, when I've been going to therapy for 10+ years and still feel stuck?

We’ve all been sold a lie…That healing our past takes a long time or maybe even that there are some things we’ll never resolve. But what if healing could be easy? What if it could happen quickly?

Unfortunately most approach’s are as effective as cutting off branches of a rotting tree with a plastic knife, instead of using the tools to uproot the entire thing. Sure you may solve a few minor issues, but the rotting tree is still there.

The reason for this is because, most approaches attempt to resolve things at the conscious level which comprises a small

fraction of the mind and does not actually change behavior. We dive into the unconscious mind, where all learning and change becomes possible.

As Carl Jung once said:

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it Fate.”

For some, the rotting tree is a persistent negative story that never stops. For others, the rotting tree is imposter syndrome and self sabotage.

Whatever it is, cutting off twigs and branches is not going to resolve the problem regardless of how enthusiastic and committed a person may be. What’s needed, are the right tools with a systematic approach that has a 93% success rate for everyone who uses them.

This is where Liberation Coaching comes in. The people who have experienced it have described it as accomplishing “a lifetime of therapy in a day.”

Instead of cutting twigs and branches, this approach uproots all the rotting trees of a person’s mind.

Change takes long, and I’ve got a legacy to build. I don’t have time for this.

There's a saying out there, “if you don’t make time for wellness, you will be forced to make time for illness.” The same principle applies here. You will save yourself from decades of personal development and healing by signing up for this one experience. The immersive nature of this experience allows us to maximize every moment and leverage the deepest transformation possible. When you leave, you’ll never be the same again.

I’ve worked on myself A LOT, and I don’t feel like I’m majorly stuck. I’ve got things under control for the most part.

The evidence is clear: You wouldn’t have achieved half of what you have already accomplished if you hadn’t done the work. You’re already a super-achiever. Imagine how much MORE you could have, do, or be if the parts of you that feel even a little stuck simply...dissolved. That’s what this experience will give you.

This is probably a big investment; I expect a big payoff.

Most people don't have a budget for their coaching or transformation. Most people set their budget to afford a lifestyle that will distract them from the problems that they haven't resolved.

For example, you can think of anxiety like a splinter. The splinter is painful to the touch. Removing it would resolve it, but instead of removing the source of the pain, most people will protect the area from being touched.

Perhaps some people do this through food, substances, retail therapy, building a new business, working more hours etc. Over time, a person builds their whole lifestyle around avoiding the source of their pain, and dedicates a large portion of their budget to coping with the persistent knocking of that pain.

Being a peak performer takes a lot of time and money. Between coaching, biohacking, daily rituals, supplementation, and healing… it adds up, in time and cash. Other forms of healing are slow, and can keep you stuck in the endless cycle of solutions that almost work. This isn’t more of that. It works, and it’s fast. After this experience, you’ll never have to invest in more things to calm your mind, or get you results–unless you want to.

One Of The Best Decisions You Will Ever Make

“My life before coaching was chaotic… I was depressed, overweight, unmotivated, and blamed everything on others around me… Success had never felt so out of reach… Since my liberation session and coaching, I have become a calmer person in my life and career. I was making $33,000 a year and working a job I didn't like very much. My income jumped significantly the following two years after, making $125,000 the next year, and $176k the year after. I went from a weight of 247 lbs to 205 lbs… Coaching with Victor will be one of the best decisions you will make.”

- chris mamone

Emerge as the best version of
yourself that you're meant to be.

©2024 Zen Stoic. All rights reserved.

©2024 Zen Stoic. All rights reserved.